Club Championships

Wicklow Tennis Club is most grateful to Sinnott Autos Ltd - Skoda for their continued support in sponsoring this event.

A Section – Singles 

  1. The top ten players on club ranking lists will have automatic entry to the ‘A’ Section 
  2. Any other players deemed by Tournament Committee to be too strong for ‘B’ Section will be entered into the ‘A’ Section. 
  3. Players who reach semi-finals in ‘B’ Section will have the option to enter ‘A’ Section. 
  4. Doubles 
  5. As there are no doubles rankings, the Tournament Committee will decide which pairings should play in ‘A’ Section. 
  6. The finalists in ‘B’ Section will also have the option to play in ‘A’. 

B Section 

  1. (a) ‘B’ Section will be played to semi-finals of singles and finals of doubles in the first week. 
  2. (b) All players entering the ‘B’ Section may be required to play every night in the first week of the competition. 

C Section

  1. All losers of the first round matches in ‘B’ Section will be allowed entry to ‘C’ Section (any Players who give a walkover will not qualify) 
  2. Tournament Committee may allow direct entry to ‘C’ Section for beginners or players in the lower grades.