Junior Summer Supervision

The three Junior Supervisors for this summer are Naoise Gallagher (lead supervisor), Fred McHugh, Peter Thornton (July) and Loraine van Bronckhorst (August)  They will be here each day, Monday to Friday from 10.00am to 6.00pm to organise the various activities and to supervise the children from Thursday 30th June.
If you need to contact them please call the club on 0404 68666
The supervisors are employed by the club to supervise the tennis programmes only and not to 'mind children'. The club recommends that a parent/guardian of children aged 8 and under remains in the club grounds whilst their child is participating in the fun tennis.  Children attending coaching lessons are fine to be dropped off and collected before and after their lesson.  Children are encouraged to bring a packed lunch with them if they plan to be in the club for a few hours, it is up to the parents to give their child consent if they wish to leave the club at any stage, the supervisors will not be responsible for any child that leaves the grounds without parental consent.   If you are dropping off or collecting your child please do so very carefully and please be respectful of the entrances to houses nearby. The pedestrian crossing at the club has been upgraded to traffic lights now which is a lot safer for the children crossing over and back. The phone number for the club is on the daily activity sheet please put this into your phone and if you have any queries please call the club and the supervisors will gladly assist you.
Good behaviour is expected at all times both on and off the courts. Please remind your child/ren of the RULES prior to June 30th. Chewing gum is strictly prohibited as it is detrimental to courts and paths.  We would remind you too that you put some form of identification on your child's belongings.  Many children have similar racquets and recquet covers. Any personal belongings ie phones, wallets etc brought to the club are the responsibility of the child, the club will not be responsible for the loss, theft or damage to personal items.
There is a bicycle rack in the club grounds and children are requested to use this and not to leave their bikes leaning against the court fencing or hedges.
We hope the children have a lovely summer, full of fun, sun and lots of enjoyable tennis.