Wicklow Tennis Club values a comprehensive coaching programme.

That philosophy can be summed up as follows: Tennis players want to have fun

Fun stems from success and competence. Because tennis is such a technical game, competence can only come from top quality instruction.

With regard to junior players, there is no substitute for starting right. It is so much easier for a junior player to learn the right techniques from a young age, than to develop the wrong techniques and have to 'undo' them later on.

A good coach can make this learning process fun, thus helping children improve quickly and motivating them to continue to be active club members for many years.

For adults the coaches come from the standpoint that they will 'work with what you have' - making improvements in a players game, but without going back to 'square one (unless of course a player wishes to take that route). But they recognizes that for the vast majority of adults that is not practicable.

Working within the framework of the skills a player has already developed over a number of years is often the most effective procedure, Wicklow Tennis Club takes the view that if your car is causing trouble you call a mechanic, if your heating is problematic you call a plumber, so if your serve is letting you down you should call a tennis coach!