Club Rules

Wicklow Tennis Club’s facilities are reserved for the use of paid up members and their guests (provided such guests are invited in accordance with the rules for guest players). The committee may allow exceptions to the above for official matches or tournaments, club competitions or any other events which are organised or sanctioned by the match committee. All members should read and observe the rules of the club as outlined in this booklet.

Parents and seniors should show example to juniors. Members are responsible for ensuring that their guests comply with the rules. Make safety a priority.

Read the rules on safety and adhere strictly to them, especially where children are involved. Do not damage or deface club property. The club belongs to all members and we should all take responsibility for its upkeep and appearance.

Show respect and consideration for all other members. Juniors should respect the rights of seniors and seniors should equally respect the rights of juniors – (They will be running the club in a few years from now.)