Wicklow Tennis Club - Code of Conduct on Court Etiquette

 The Tennis Ireland Code of Conduct applies to all members of Wicklow Tennis Club at all times, with due regard for the following court etiquette during social play, club competitions and league matches:

  • Show respect, courtesy and consideration for fellow members and visitors at all
  • Remain quiet when play is in progress and keep noise to a
  • While play is in progress, wait until a point has finished before:
    • entering a court
    • walking behind a court
    • retrieving or returning a ball from/to a neighbouring
  • When a ball crosses from an adjoining court, stop and play a ‘let’ to avoid injury and to return the ball safely.
  • When a ball touches any part of the line, it should be called in and a point
  • Be mindful of language and behaviour on court at all times. Avoid causing offence to other members by the use of inappropriate/offensive language and/or behaviour, and refrain from ball/ racquet
  • Encourage Junior members to play by the rules of the game. Senior members should lead by example by demonstrating fair play.
  • Remember to play and win with grace and lose with dignity. All games and matches shall be played in the spirit of fair play and respect for
  • The completion of league matches will take priority over court bookings for social
  • Please refrain from entering the courts until all league matches have been completed.
  • The decision of the Tournament Referee and the Tournament Committee shall be final in all matters concerning club competitions.
  • The decision of the Executive Committee shall be final in all matters related to the enactment of the Wicklow Tennis Club Code of Conduct on Court Etiquette.

WTC Executive Committee (09/02/2022)












WTC Executive Committee (26/01/2022)

Data privacy notice

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